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Each year Oldfield Middle School in Greenlawn invites our veterans to speak to the eighth grade classes, during the week of Veterans Day, about their experiences in the military and as veterans after our military service was over.


The American Legion believes that our military veterans are living textbooks of American History. Their accounts of experiences while in the uniform of the United States Armed Forces should be preserved and shared with others, especially with students in America’s schools.






This is a very enjoyable mission for us. The veterans enjoy interacting with the children and vice versa.

Pictures of our veterans are taken as they engage with the students and are given to the veterans as a token of appreciation. The children also prepare thank you cards for each veteran to keep as a reminder of their special day in Veterans in the Classroom program. 

Veterans in The Classroom

The Veterans in the Classroom program is intended to involve the members of the post in the academic curriculum. American history is something we all share, and there is no one better to help tell that story than someone who's had a great part in shaping it. Giving veterans the opportunities to share their experiences with our kids would go a long way towards helping to keep their memory—and our history—alive.


Mrs. Sandra Buscemi does a great job coordinating this program with our Post each year. The children are well prepared with excellent questions and all seem eager to learn about our experiences. Each year nine to ten volunteer Veterans work with Mrs. Buscemi to be sure everything goes perfectly.

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