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Operation Enduring Care
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“Operation Enduring Care” is a veteran-operated project that serves veterans

in need of assistance due to illness, environmental issues, or homelessness.

This project is a not for profit that is donation driven, with all proceeds being

given to vetted recipients.

     The collection has been actively providing donated items for the past 13

years. Veterans are served through the Northport VA Medical Center, with

items for hygiene, new socks and underclothing. Veterans who reside in the

Community Centers or CLC’s, which are equal to adult nursing homes,

are given clean socks, lap blankets, throws and, when requested, new

underclothing. Veterans who reside at home are assisted as requested.

Many of the aged and home bound senior veterans have outlived their

caregivers or are dealing with financial issues as well as depression. These

veterans in need are provided with nonperishable food items, hygiene items,

new underclothing as well as new bedding when available. Donated new or

gently used clothing is available on  a first come, first served basis.

    We also strive to serve those veterans who are generally invisible to many. These are the veterans that are sitting on sidewalks, street corners and storefronts. They are often viewed as unkempt or undesirable, only to disappear in the cold and dark at the end of the day. Many will ignore them, walk the other way or simply step over them. The internal wounds, issues or medical conditions that rendered the veteran in this situation, waiting to be resolved.

    In our 13 yeas of service, over 16,500 meals, 250,000 hygiene items, 500 bags of clothing and 800 sets of bedding have been provided. All requests received for assistance were honored.

    COVID-19, along with its changes to protocols, have added additional hardships. Community social services are now often remote, inaccessible, or completely shut down. Many “soup kitchens” are now shut down or gone for good.

      On November 5, 2023, Albert Statton III, founder of Operation Enduring Care died after a long struggle with cancer. American Legion Greenlawn Post 1244 is committed to seeing that Operation Enduring Care continues the work that Al and Connie started years ago. Under the leadership of John Carr, our Post 1244 Chaplain we continue to provide for the most vulnerable veterans among us.   

  “Operation Enduring Care,” strives to provide the ongoing reassurance that our community, our grateful citizens and Country cares. Thank you for taking the time to visit our website.

The late Al Statton being awarded the American Legion

Michael Guty Homelessa Veterans Outreach Award

Operation Enduring Care Gallery

Origin of “Operation Enduring Care”


     Conceived in 2009 by Al Statton, an American Legionnaire,  20-year US Army veteran and 30-year firefighter, while battling the first of several unrelated cancers. His story follows in his own words.

     “I have strived to battle several unrelated malignant cancers over the past 13 years. The latest was diagnosed during November 2022, and for which I am currently undergoing treatment. Due to the severity of the cancers, my oncologists and medical doctors have stated that many activities such as firefighting, daily tasks, travel and charitable work would be very limited. I could find some of the side effects of both radiation and chemotherapy would be life altering. I not only have to fight the entity of cancer but the deep depression that follows the loss of independence and fulfillment. Being a giving person by nature, this hurts deeply. During one of my follow up appointments, I was informed that the homeless shelter at the local VA Medical Center was in need of food, hygiene items, under clothing, socks and serviceable outer wear.”

     “My wife and I stopped by the shelter on our way home. I was saddened to hear that the shelter had a very difficult time in meeting veterans’ requests with the small amount of donations available. In addition to 70 residents, up to 27 bags of groceries were prepared for families of veterans in need. We went shopping immediately to help. We also contacted local schools, scouting groups, community service organizations and Fire/EMS services. The effort over the years has provided 16,500 food items, 250, 000 hygiene items and 500 bags of gently used or new clothing. In addition to these items, we have donated thirty-two televisions that are 32 inches large to the hospice and short-term rehabilitation units to help enhance care. The comfort of the larger televisions also adds meaning to the final embrace of our nation as they pass through hospice.”



     American Legion Post 1244 has been both essential and wonderful with volunteer help, guidance, and assistance with administrative tasks. The team effort gives full meaning to our efforts. Monetary donations allow us to respond quickly to veteran requests for assistance. Local donations of non-perishable items are accepted. Thank you for taking the time to stop by. All donations are welcome.

“Operation Enduring Care”  

An Extended Hand Assisting Our Veterans In Need   


We are accepting donations of most non-perishable items in addition to any items as listed:

  • Canned meats or proteins (ex: tuna, spam, chicken, beef, etc.)

  • Peanut Butter

  • Jelly

  • Soups (single serving or canned)

  • Macaroni & Cheese (canned, single serving)

  • Snacks (individually wrapped items, single serving)

  • Canned or single serving Fruits (fruit cocktail, applesauce, pears, pudding)

  • Pasta/Rice/Potatoes in boxes

  • Toiletries such as:

  • Toothpaste and denture cleaner

  • Antiperspirant/Deodorant, Body Wash

  • Shaving Cream (male & female)

  • Razors (male & female) Disposable

  • Alcohol Free Mouth Wash, toothbrushes, toothpaste

  • Body Wash for inpatients

  • Bars of Soap for outpatients


Other Items:


  • Shower Shoes/ Flip Flops (needed sizes medium /large or 9+ and female-sizes medium and large)

  • New in-package under clothing such as:

    • New packaged underwear such as new tee shirts, undershorts, panties sizes medium, large, extra-large, 1XL, 2XL, 3XL both male and female

    • Socks, new in-package, Men’s sized medium, large and extra large, Men’s and Ladies

  • Bedding such as: Blankets, twin or full size.  New or clean and gently used.

  • Sweat suits, Hoodies, Sweatshirts

    We also accept monetary donations to purchase the above listed items.  Please make checks payable to:


American Legion Post 1244, please place “Operation Enduring Care” in the memo area.

    Please mail checks to American Legion Post 1244, PO Box 238,  Greenlawn, New York 11740.


You may also donate here via PayPal or any credit card.



Thank you for all of your assistance.  Our collection is to reassure those in need, that they are not forgotten.  To our veterans, thank you for your service.

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