Operation Enduring Care
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Welcome! “Operation Enduring Care,” a project for our efforts to support those veterans in need of immediate assistance. We provide hygiene items, quickly prepared non-perishable foods, new underclothing as well as new bedding to veterans requesting assistance. 

      Assistance is also rendered to those awaiting help from the Veterans Affairs Medical Center, veterans social services, and veteran shelters. Food and health care items are also provided to organizations such as “Operation Hope” for the homebound or veterans unable to provide for themselves.

      This population of veterans, generally are invisible to those that step over them on sidewalks, walk around them as they sit rejected on steps or are avoided as unkempt. The general public is unaware of the trauma of warfare that haunt thoughts and dreams of servicemembers who survive. They are unaware of the extreme hardships that may have broken a relationship or cut family bonds or the isolation of the oldest of veterans that have outlived their caregivers and family.

      COVID-19, along with political turmoil, has added a numerous list of complications, obstacles and obstructions. Community social services now remote, inaccessible, or completely shut down. Community “soup kitchens,” that provided a warm meal and interaction are gone, many for good. 

      This need of our veterans is ongoing. Through the depression, nightmares, hopelessness, the hardships occur daily, and not just to be remembered during patriotic or military related holidays. The VA Medical Center supplies limited hygiene items. Personal items to enhance comfort or care, are only available through donations and are distributed on a “first come, first served” basis. With the endorsement of American Legion Post 1244, “Operation Enduring Care” strives to provide the items to reassure our veterans, that our community cares.  To those veterans facing end of life care in Hospice or at home, we strive to give meaning to our country’s last caring embrace.     

Origin of “Operation Enduring Care”

     “Operation Enduring Care," was conceived by American Legionnaire Al Statton, a US Army Veteran and volunteer firefighter. His story is in his own words:

     “I have been striving to survive several unrelated malignant cancers over the past 12 years. During this time, I have battled severe depression, the ongoing long-term after-effects of chemotherapy and radiation as well as extensive surgeries. I had been told by my oncologists and medical doctors that due to the severity of the cancers, I would lose the ability to walk, would not recover my vision lost to chemotherapy or would be bedridden if I survived in the long term.  I am a giving person by nature and being unable to continue to give to our community, hurt deeply. During one of my follow up appointments, I was told the shelter on the VA Hospital campus was badly in need of donated food, hygiene items, underclothing and bedding. The shelter, at that time run by the Salvation Army, also provided food to 27 veterans and their families.

     I stopped by the shelter and was informed of its immediate needs. My wife and I quickly shopped to satisfy these needs. One blessing of a single bag of groceries has grown to over 16,000 servings of food. Through collections and donations over 250,000 hygiene items have been supplied to our veterans in need. I am extremely proud of the donation of thirty-two, 32-inch televisions to the hospice unit of our VA Medical Center to enhance patient care. It also gives full meaning to the final embrace of our veterans facing end of life care.

     My American Legion Post 1244, Greenlawn family assists with collections, moving items to storage and guidance. This team effort gives full meaning and measure to “Operation (Team action), Enduring (As long there is a need), Care (Compassion, Concern and Comfort). With their encouragement, I can do more than survive, I can overcome and thrive!”                                                        

“Operation Enduring Care”  

An Extended Hand Assisting Our Veterans In Need   


We are accepting donations of most non-perishable items in addition to any items as listed:

  • Canned meats or proteins (ex: tuna, spam, chicken, beef, etc.)

  • Peanut Butter

  • Jelly

  • Soups (single serving or canned)

  • Macaroni & Cheese (canned, single serving)

  • Snacks (individually wrapped items, single serving)

  • Canned or single serving Fruits (fruit cocktail, applesauce, pears, pudding)

  • Pasta/Rice/Potatoes in boxes

  • Toiletries such as:

  • Toothpaste and denture cleaner

  • Antiperspirant/Deodorant, Body Wash

  • Shaving Cream (male & female)

  • Razors (male & female) Disposable

  • Alcohol Free Mouth Wash, toothbrushes, toothpaste

  • Body Wash for inpatients

  • Bars of Soap for outpatients


Other Items:


  • Shower Shoes/ Flip Flops (needed sizes medium /large or 9+ and female-sizes medium and large)

  • New in-package under clothing such as:

    • New packaged underwear such as new tee shirts, undershorts, panties sizes medium, large, extra-large, 1XL, 2XL, 3XL both male and female

    • Socks, new in-package, Men’s sized medium, large and extra large, Men’s and Ladies

  • Bedding such as: Blankets, twin or full size.  New or clean and gently used.

  • Sweat suits, Hoodies, Sweatshirts

    We also accept monetary donations to purchase the above listed items.  Please make checks payable to:


American Legion Post 1244, please place “Operation Enduring Care” in the memo area.

    Please mail checks to American Legion Post 1244, PO Box 238,  Greenlawn, New York 11740.


You may also donate here via PayPal or any credit card.



Thank you for all of your assistance.  Our collection is to reassure those in need, that they are not forgotten.  To our veterans, thank you for your service.